Finding a therapist can be daunting. Just taking into consideration the cost, scheduling, and the wherewithal to open up to a stranger about subjects near and dear to your heart can feel overwhelming. Then comes browsing websites, trying to figure out if the person will be a good fit and if he or she will be qualified enough to help you. At times it might feel that it is easier just living with the problems that you are currently confronting. But don’t give up! I have seen the transformations therapy can bring about in a person’s life both in my own work and in my work with others. If a person is ready to do the work of finding a therapist, I would like to facilitate that process by providing flexible hours, a reasonable rate and a half-hour free phone consultation to see if we think we can work together.

A little about me

I graduated from USC School of Social Work and received my undergraduate degree in Law & Society with an Emphasis in Criminal Justice from UC Santa Barbara. Relevant employment as a licensed clinician includes working for a behavioral health company, the Los Angles Unified School District, and the Department of Mental Health. I have had the good fortune to work with individuals, couples, and families ranging in age from childhood through older adulthood.

My approach

My philosophy is based on attachment theory. I believe our first relationships with parents or other caregivers set the stage for how we think and feel about ourselves and interact with others throughout our life, but that is not the whole picture: in-born personality traits, life story, culture and the societal context, also play an important role that needs to be explored. I believe healing takes place when we have a better understanding of our past experiences, the factors that currently affect our lives, and the on-going internal dialogue we have with ourselves. I also think in many cases setting goals helps us address these issues in a more structured fashion and bring about tangible results.